How did it start?

A simple idea that comes out from a great passion for a profession that has become a great necessity.

Selling the selling wants to be a project that was built in my mind during these years of field sales through different experiences, different levels in different markets trying to understand what else could offer.

Fortunately, almost immediately I realized what my passion was.

A profession that enclose the selling, negotiating, contracting, communicating.

I've always searched for my professional growth of the companies that gave me tools or knowledge to improve these aspects.

In recent years I have devoted much time to sell, talk with vendors and attend training courses of all types.

Observation of different behaviors and the need to choose a path that brought me the success I have often wondered what the difference between a good seller, a low seller and mean seller.

In recent years I have collected a range of information and talked with hundreds of vendors in order to understand and come to think that there is only one big difference.

The difference is not the product they sell, the company for which they work, the training, the ability to comunicate, the friendliness, the empathy, they way they dress, the knowledge and all those other elements that paint a seller in the common stereotype.

The good sellers as well as those in poor sales they feel like they sell themselves. This makes them feel personally involved persuasive. But the same feeling hits them hard when they feel rejected.

Every time you make a sales call falls on them the thrill of fear that someone can answer NO at THEIR OWN!

The difference between success and failure in sales is that a good seller has no such fear.

The latter is enriched by the "talent of the comparison”.

The comparison, by it self, only causes immense satisfaction through continuous dialectical contest with a potential customer and the overcoming of its resistance.

The big seller is not paralyzed by fear but passion for the debate makes it better that constantly seek new ways to avoid being dismissed.

The average seller is rejected when does not prove anything.

Puts into practice the six steps of the course "the ideal approach” and is hoping for a favorable outcome.

This desire to overcome resistance is the engine that pushes the constant search for ways to improve and provide new solutions to problems that define all impossible.

Without this engine, all the hours of training that companies pay become "the usual American", "a nuisance but I have to go" or a holiday by the thoughts of every day. Become alibis "are better placed" .... "Technically better" .... "Are their suppliers for years" ... .... To get all those reasons, ranging from sympathy to the availability of counterpart in negotiations.

When I realized that this is the difference recognized by customers went in search of people who share it.

Unfortunately, being a talent, unlike the knowledge and skills can not be taught and then the search is limited but at the same time enriching the value of these people and makes them unique.

At the same time I wondered what were the difficulties of companies.

The first real difficulty of the small to medium businesses: search and find talent.

The second is to create an environment for them so that they can keep motivating.

The third is that without sellers there is only one real selling features and benefits.

(Large companies suffer from the same shortcomings but make up for investments, advertising or using the brand ).

But if it was possible for these companies enjoy a professional sales without having to seek, hire and manage the special characters so it would be interesting to entrepreneurs?

If it weas possible to have a group of people with personal characteristics, attitudes, knowledge, experience different but in common with the talent of the comparison that is "good sellers" that you can use for their commercial negotiations paying only for achievements would be interesting to have some of the questions I turned my head.

I checked everything with the field tests using the resources of the company I work for.

After two years of testing and four customers acquired approximately 1,000,000 € sold in different areas may mean that the interest is very high.

How could you call a company that is selling its product?

SELLING THE SELLING was my first thought.