Possible resistance

"Entrusting completely outside the commercial network will never completely safe and should start tomorrow."
The contracts include a confidentiality clause which is equal to that signed with an agent or a seller.
Selling the Selling to reassure the customer on this issue and remove the label of mercenaries always offers a parallel contract specific training of client personnel.
In other words, once assured himself of the goodness of the method of Selling the Selling, the customer can select some internal figures to form with the same principles and through real negotiations. The same goes for any vendors that may be matched to our staff.
The advantage would be to have immediate results and at the same time continuity.

"I am satisfied with my sales network."
Admitting that it is satisfied with its sales network and where it would improve if it were possible in its negotiations or within his sales activity?
How stressfull is expelling a seller who is not productive?
Is often convincing that probably he is not so bad and deciding to continue to invest that money wich could be diverted elsewhere ..

"How can I tell if the method is right?"
Order unless there is proof positive method of presentation and negotiation free trial.

"Sure it cost a blunder"
Compared to what? Only after defining a situation and its results and objectives that we expect from our activities, you can answer this question and compare.